Your special gift today will fund specialised equipment to help keep Holley and other kids like her safe this Christmas.

Holley was diagnosed with the rare and terminal Batten's disease at just three-years-old. 

Batten's disease effects the nervous system, resulting in rapid global decline in function. She suffers seizures, ataxia, speech regression, swallowing difficulties and behavioural problems.

Holley suffers from a loss of speech due to her condition which means she communicates non-verbally. She has also lost her ability to eat which means she relies completely on being fed through a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube.

As Holley grows, the disease will rob her of her sight, speech and motor skills, and will one day leave her bed-ridden.

The life expectancy of children diagnosed with Batten disease varies between six and ten years old.

Will you donate this Christmas for specialised equipment that will help keep Holley and other kids like her safe? Without you, we don’t have enough funds to help all the families who turn to Variety when government assistance isn’t available.


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