These are unprecedented times that are stressful for everyone in our community, but for our most vulnerable kids and their families, the effects of Coronavirus could push them over the edge.

​​​​​​​  Disability doesn’t stop. Parents who have lost their jobs still need to care for their kids’ special needs.​​​​​​​

  Mobility and therapy equipment such as walkers are still required to give Aussie kids independence.

  Educational aids such as laptops are still needed to continue learning remotely.

Our work and your support have never been more critical. We hope we can count on you to help reach an ever-growing number of vulnerable kids with a gift such as a laptop or iPad which is out of reach for many families.

Please help us to reach kids in need at this time with a gift to our emergency appeal. Your support helps vulnerable families when no one else can.


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​​​​​Your kind gift will help fund mobility equipment such as walkers and specialised wheelchairs, enabling kids to develop muscle strength and gain independence.
Your generous support can provide educational aids such as iPads and laptops to assist disadvantaged kids in accessing education and therapy remotely.
By donating today, you can help cover tutoring fees for kids with developmental delays to continue learning effectively.